Our approach to management and technology logistics combines expertise in defense, intelligence, and civilian government with strong capabilities in strategy, organization, analytics, and technology operations. PJP Restoration anticipates, identifies and addresses our clients specific needs while looking for smart applications of management and technology solutions for higher productivity and reduced errors.



With broad expertise in the public sector, PJP Restoration delivers proven solutions that help you meet your needs.  PJP Restoration provides end-to-end consulting, from strategy through implementation with no voids in between. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your organization's leadership to define your priorities and goals.



Chief procurement officers are under pressure to do more with less. They face a combination of short-term problems and long-term challenges, such as shrinking budgets and higher prices from suppliers. But these challenges also present opportunities. PJP Restoration sees outsourcing as part of a broader strategy to achieve high performance by lowering costs and ramping up efficiency. PJP Restoration specializes in hard to source open market items provided via your current procurement channels at discounted rates.





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